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Craftsman pillows are the definitive accent piece for your living area. Place one or more of our Craftsman pillows on each end of your sofa or layer with different motifs on just one end of a settee. A Stickley type rocker would look most appropriate with one of our Craftsman pillows. Perhaps you could place a couple of Craftsman pillows on your bed or a chair in you boudoir. With our ample array of craftsman pillows you are sure to find a style that is unique and complimentary to your own home. Some of the Craftsman pillows that we have are available in a kit form for the skillful person. Some of the Craftsman pillows are also available in a kit form and also as the finished pillow, just in case your not so handy. Other Craftsman pillows are available only as a finished pillow, so we're sorry you won't be able to make them all. All of the Craftsman pillows are made of the finest materials. Some of them are constructed of natural heavy weight all natural linens and include an ample supply of plant dyed silk flosses. These threads come in a wide array of colors from pale pastels to rich and classic bold hues. Surely we have several than would fit in with any home decor. Lately I've been looking at our pillow selection more closely. I am firmly of the belief that not only is the styling beyond compare, but they also represent an excellent value for the dollar. I can't imagine how someone could own a bungalow or foursquare and not feature some of these designs in the main living areas. These are the kind of pillows that people get in knife fights over at estate sales! I mean really...for the price of a dinner that is quickly forgotten you can pick up a pillow that will give you enjoyment probably for the rest of your natural life. Think about it.

It's interesting to look through old Craftsman magazines, catalogs, or books and see illustrations of different rooms with various decor in the Craftsman styling. You might see a Craftsman looking pillow or two on some of the pages with reproductions of designs that we carry. They look very nice and are so appropriate with this design and style of home. In homes of yesterday, particularly homes with Craftsman styling, the owners didn't have a lot of clutter in their homes. The Victorian era which had the mind-set of the more the better was over. The Craftsman style was a backlash of the period with individuals wanting minimal things in their lives, including their furnishings. A simple, attractive, well made pillow could be a prominent focal point in any room. Take one of the designs that is embroidered onto the pillow and match one or more of the threads that is already incorporated in your home decor scheme and it will really make the pillow design more evident. Perhaps you have a wonderful rich sage green shade of curtains in your living room. The Cornflower and Glasgow Rose kits have lovely shades of pale pinks and lavenders for the person that finds it relaxing to do a little embroidery themselves.