Craftsman door hardware and craftsman style door knobs

Craftsman door hardware

Little finishing touches such as appropriate craftsman door hardware provide a significant boost in the appearance of authenticity, so it is imperative to avoid overlooking these key elements of vintage design. Craftsman door hardware would include door hinges, which in the not so recent past have been annoying difficult to locate, at least ones that give a good impression of historically appropriate appearance. The most common door hinges in craftsman homes was typically ball tip hinges, often in unadorned steel. Our ball tip hinges one step above the originals in that there are a number of very attractive finishes available including brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, antique pewter, chrome, antique brass, and polished brass. These hinges are available either four inches tall, or three and a half inches tall. The corners can be had in two configurations, either squared off with a traditional look, or with a five eights radius, which is probably easier for a contractor to install if putting in new doors. For a small additional sum there are ball bearing hinges, which are a great choices for large or heavy doors and especially front doors that are going to see a lot of usage along with your craftsman style door knobs.

Craftsman style door knobs

The craftsman style door knobs are a pleasing selection of simple beveled edge styles in a variety of finishes, or more complex designs which would include foursquare style, pacific motif, bungalow, round back plate sonoma, levers, and black iron entry sets. There is something for everyone and there is availability of all the hinge finishes, plus an additional bronze finish. Twenty five different knob styles are feasible and the fact that they don't change the price makes choosing a lot easier.