craftsman doorknobs


Craftsman doorknobs

Craftsman doorknobs can be the ultimate finishing touch to a room in your vintage bungalow. Get the interior painted, put down some new rugs, hang a few new doors, with, of course, wonderful mission doorknobs and the updated look is nearly complete. The porcelain craftsman doorknobs look reminiscent to the ones at the grandparents American Foursquare home in northeast Portland when we were little kids. Don't you remember? That along with the beautiful high quality 24 percent lead crystal knobs on the French doors in the entry foyer gave the home a warm, wonderful, inviting look. Grandma and Grandpa would be proud that their grandchildren and now easily recreate that feel in their own home. Even if it's new construction, their are many accurate reproductions of an old houses to be found with a new of architects. The purity of this design produces a timeless look that will stand the test of time, in both durability and styling. Any future home owners will be glad you made the decisions that you did.

The superb craftsman doorknobs that we have are stunning in appearance and the quality of construction is paramount and it shows in their appearance. When you place you hand upon the knob and give it a turn, the doorknobs just exudes quality. Their are many finishes available to complement with you existing decor. The Mission Hills knob are simplistic and classic in design. The smooth knob just feels good in the hand. If you want something with a lot of styling to it be sure and look at the Renaissance collection of doorknobs. You can put them together with a simple back plate or the stunning scrollwork back plate. It is very intricate in detailing and has a bit of a luxurious old world feel to it. Our doorknobs come in a variety of finish options. This is nice because you might have a theme that you are trying to match or complement. The finishes are polished brass, vintage brass, satin nickel, antique pewter, bronze and bright chrome.

When calling to order a doorknob set it is good to be ready with the measurement of the backset. That would be the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the cutout hole. The measurement is typically 2 3/8 or 2 3/4. It's the same price either way, but of course it would be nice to sent the correct parts out in the first place.

A nice feature of our craftsman doorknob collections, is that you can mix and match most all the knobs with a different back plate. So if you are looking at an ornate Sonoma knob, for instance, but you really would like to pair it with the scrollwork back plate for a unique look all your own, more than likely it can be done. If you would like a more unpretentious look, class radiates in the clean lines of the Vantage Hill back plate. Glorified by over a century of history, this clean crisp look, has a universal appeal that works well on almost any home. The stunning simplicity of our many door knob options is easy to complement with existing decor in your home. So for a hands on experience with your home decorating decisions be certain to check out the vast array of these beauties and update your home today.

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