craftsman door knocker and mission style door knocker collection

Craftsman door knocker

The most prominent and noticeable location in your house is discovered at the front door when receiving visitors. It makes sense to have everything leading up to and including the front door to be looking good and in the peak of perfection and for that reason a craftsman door knocker or mission style door knocker will go a long way towards creating a favorable first impression.

It is seductive to think that a wired doorbell system is all you need and that a craftsman door knocker or mission style door knocker is not necessary. However, surprisingly there is a substantial quantity of craftsman homes that either do not have a doorbell system or it is not working. Many times running the wiring is simply not feasible due to have brick construction or an impediment such as a finished basement so it is difficult to run wires or place doorbell transformers. If the doorbell system is not working that is another story entirely and may or may not be difficult to troubleshoot. But certainly no doorknocker is difficult to troubleshoot. All you do is screw it to the surface and then it is ready to be used to immediately spread it's thunderous tones of beckoning.

Mission style door knocker

Common materials for a mission style door knocker are copper, brass, or cast bronze. If brass, it would be appropriate to have a darkened patina and definitely a shiny polished brass would not be appropriate. Hand hammering is another texture that is high on the list of desirable features. Nature motifs such as pine cones or rustic looking cast bronze also merits consideration