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Mission lighting has a broad appeal to lover's of old, charming vintage style homes. Mission style light fixtures can be used on Craftsman style bungalows, Spanish Revivals and story book style homes to name a few. Copper lighting is attractive in so many homes and gives a warm ambiance that just can't be attained with any other style of lights. Outside light fixtures lend themselves well to the Arts and Crafts style of home, especially lanterns with white opalescent glass or gold white iridescent glass. The metals in different finishes and textures with the warm glow of different shades of mica or glass fits in perfect with homes of the era. The Greene and Greene style of lighting fits in well with the Arts and Crafts and Craftsman bungalows also. Please make sure you look carefully at all of the different collections that we offer because they are attractive yet certainly varied in their styling. A craftsman chandelier that we have is constructed of wonderful quality materials that will bring years of enjoyment in your home both now and in time to come. We have craftsman lights built in a variety of intriguing materials including forged iron, copper, steel, and brass to name a few. Some of the finishes that we offer a verdigris, black, rust, copper and more. If that wasn't enough, the glass options are numerous, clear, seeded, white opalescent, gold/white iridescent, different shades of mica and also some gorgeous papers that are most attractive. We also carry lights that are rated for the "dark sky" identifying mark that is actually a requirement in certain areas in the United States. Some of our lights can be supplied with fluorescent capabilities for a small upcharge, which may help on your energy bill.

The best craftsman light fixtures for exterior application use brass as a base metal. Brass is a non ferrous metal that won't leave rust streaks down the side of your house. The ubiquitous craftsman sconce is a good example as well as the square or hexagonal craftsman porch light.

Craftsman style table lamps for the interior often include historic bean pot type copper table lamps, which are often accented by a craftsman floor lamp with an orange or amber mica shade. A craftsman pendant light is often found as a single hanging light, but can also be spotted as a double, triple, or even larger configuration.

Don't think that just because something says mission lighting that it can only be used in a home that is appropriate for mission lighting. We have seen many a home that is new construction or perhaps a few years old get really spruced up with mission lighting. It can add a new dimension and and whole new look depending on the taste of the home owners which really can be quite stunning. So don't limit yourself on your light choices. Let your imagination run a little wild and remember when it comes to lights - they can also fit in with the interior decor of a home and complement it at the same time and increase the beauty and functionality all the while.

Say you live in a craftsman style home. Maybe white brick with a red tile roof. Their might be curves throughout the home, and perhaps many alcoves and built ins that were so popular with the era. Add some mission lighting and all of a sudden the home takes on a added depth of personality that wasn't their prior. It might take on the feel of a real California Mission, just because of the addition of some mission lighting in the entry area, or perhaps near the front door or porch. With craftsman lighting a little bit can go a long way. Be sure and look through the Black Forest lighting collection, it would make quite a statement on a craftsman style home. But certainly don't stop there, their are many other collections that look equally as gorgeous and certainly appropriate for that style of home. Adding mission light fixtures to your home can definitely improve the look of your home and add to the value to your most treasured investment.