Bronze plaques for historic homes, craftsman style. Authentic craftsman lettering.
closeup view of bronze plaque showing brushed bronze surrounded by pebble finish

Cast bronze plaques, the standard of excellence. . .

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dimensions price
5 by 5 inches $172.95
6 by 6 inches $214.95
8 by 8 inches $322.95
9 by 9 inches $427.95
8 by 10 inches
10 by 10 inches $410.95
4 by 12 inches $289.95
6 by 12 inches $370.95
12 by 10 inches $536.95
6 by 14 inches $411.95
14 by 10 inches $587.95
14 by 14 inches $747.95
16 by 10 inches $662.95
16 by 16 inches $944.95
18 by 10 inches $695.95
18 by 18 inches $1207.95
20 by 10 inches $748.95
24 by 10 inches $895.95
24 by 20 inches $1787.95

s&h: $34.95 for 80 square inches or smaller.
Other sizes call for quote.

installed bronze plaque

Cast bronze plaques

Bronze plaques are superlative for appearance, similarly for durability. Luxurious ocean going vessels utilize bronze extensively. Sunken shipwrecks dating from unfathomable millenia often exhibit comprehensive collections of bronze paraphernalia, considering contemporaneous iron items degenerated into rust.

Additionally, sand casting delivers appearances that immediately elicit quality. Aluminum is an economical alternative to cast bronze plaques, but it is a false economy. Contrary to popular opinion, aluminum can be subject to degradation over time.

Cast bronze plaque design considerations

Counterintuitive to consider, but selecting correct lettering size on cast bronze plaques is very important. Enclosed lettering, such as letter "O" or "A" it's necessary the lettering isn't too small, or possibly the letter will fill in with molten metal. We possess the experience necessary to certify there isn't going to be a casting predicament. We provide layouts before actually casting. Graphics can be modifed if necessary. If something needs to be changed such as the size of the characters it's easiest at this point. There is no charge associated with additional design layouts. Once the bronze address plaque layout looks correct, we authorize pouring of the bronze plaque.

If you prefer to have a different font type for the lettering just let us know and we can send you a number of additional fonts to choose from. Often, using a high style headline font for a house number works well, but for readability the lettering used for a street name must be something less exotic.

Bronze address plaque mounting methods, front mount with color matched wood screws, rear mount with tapped and threaded holes and machine screws

The most typical mounting method for cast bronze plaques is front mounting. In that scenario, there are holes in the face of the plaque in the background area. Screws go through the holes and then the plaque is screwed to a surface, typically wood. This method is often used for brick, stone, or concrete as well. Another mounting type is rear mounting, in which holes are tapped in the back and threaded. We then supply machine screws which thread into the hole from behind. With this method you don't see screw heads in the front, but removal of the plaque in the future would be quite difficult indeed. We are happy to consult with you to figure our which method is most appropriate.

Bronze plaques are a wonderful identifying marker for the front of your home. Your can put your address on one of our plaques. You can state the year that your charming home was built in, on one of our heavy duty bronze plaques. Maybe your dream home is on the National Register of Historic Places. Our bronze plaques are used all over the United States to identify the original owner or builder and the year it was erected. Using one of our outstanding type styles, these bronze plaques are truly stunning and will give you a lot of added curb appeal in a very convenient manner. These are really heavy duty cuties. After all, they are massive chunks of solid metal. If someone hands it to you, you'd better make sure you grab one of these with both hands, otherwise you might just fall over, especially with one of the bigger sizes.