craftsman heat registers


Air vent

Air vent covers, officially known as heat registers are a great way to create a vintage look. Yet, in houses that are a hundred years old or more sometimes the dimensions of the duct openings can be frustratingly non-standard, especially when it comes to a return air grille or wall vent covers. So everything must be configured correctly and don't be surprised if a custom size is warranted, which luckily may not add to the cost depending upon the style of decorative vent covers selected.

Often, a craftsman bungalow may have an eggcrate style cold air return in the floor that is broken. That is often found in a high traffic area such as a hallway, regrettably. These were often made without glue joints back in the day and their inherent weakness may have lead to broken pieces. A return air vent such as this is a style we are well equipped to make, but you'll want to be absolutely precise on your measurements. Those were often flush with the surrounding floor and were resting on a ledge. Then over the years the floor may have been sanded and refinished. So now the wood is not a standard thickness. These are all topics we can discuss if you call in for some consultation.

Ceiling vent covers are not often seen in craftsman style houses, but it can happen if ducting has been added later or if a convective pass through grille has been installed over a wood stove.

A return air vent cover that is located in between a gap in the baseboards is another engineering challenge that must be thought through in order to have a satisfactory and elegant installation. We can make a return air grille that fits exactly between the baseboard, so obviously you would want to supply us with an exact measurement. You'll also want to note whether the duct opening is on the wall, floor, or both. Hopefully you don't have an sheet metal ducting sticking out from the wall, but that will be something else we need to discuss.

This is just a tiny fraction of the many considerations. So it is always best to call in and talk to us so we can get everything configured correctly and avoid grief. HVAC vents are a great way to further the restoration of your arts and crafts home.