craftsman house numbers and copper house numbers

Craftsman house numbers

Considering the multitudinous places you can improve a house, the most obvious focusing point is likely the addition of craftsman house numbers. That is if you have a craftsman style house typically built between about 1900 and 1935 plus or minus and including not only bungalow styles in the one and one and a half story variety, but also the many related styles such as American Foursquare. Tudor revival, Spanish or Mediterranean revival, or chalet look. And if we really want to stretch the definition we could include more rustic styles including cabins and lodges. The bottom line is, if there is one external feature that someone is likely to see on your house it is most certainly the craftsman house numbers. They will probably never see the sides of the back. Nobody notices the foundation. But arguably the address numbers and also everything leading up to the front door is likely to make and impression. Hopefully a good impression. So these are the place to consider giving extra attention.

Copper house numbers

Of all the metals associated with the craftsman movement, copper is the most appropriate. Consequently craftsman style copper house numbers are always appropriate for this style of house, especially when uncoated with clear finishes so they may naturally obtain a patinas, which usually darkens like a penny, but can even develop a greenish verdegris look if the conditions drive susceptibility. This is quite a change from the copper house numbers when initially installed which is pinkish, similar to a new penny.

Standoff house numbers

Craftsman house numbers with spacers behind them to make them project outward from the surface are referred to as standoff house numbers. A few of our style have three eighth inch spacers included for the this purpose, which you can either use or not, depending on your preference. These would include the Rialto and San Mateo style.

Illuminated house numbers

For those that really need to have their numbers stand out, consider our illuminated house numbers in which the numbers are cut out of sheet brass which is formed into a box and then patinated with one of seven different finish choices and art glass is installed behing the number cutouts. The lighting supplied is LED for low power consumption, and we can wire them up for either low voltage use such as you would have with landscape lights, or we can wire them to work with standard house voltage.