craftsman style wall mirror

Craftsman style wall mirror

Everybody needs some sort of craftsman style wall mirror in their craftsman bungalow, American foursquare, Tudor or other English revival, Mediterranean revival or Prairie style home, if not to actually use for adjusting neckties, then at least to provide ambiance and add to the overall arts and crafts look. It's probably not much of a secret that house guests will likely be checking their reflection and are almost certain to notice whether the craftsman mirror is a genuine artisan made high quality piece, or rather a cheap imported look alike. This may not be the location in which to skimp.

Generally speaking, a mirror is a picture frame that has mirror glass mounted in it. So if in the future you were desperate for another picture frame it is not inconceivable that you could remove the mirror glass and convert it to a frame.

Many of our craftsman style wall mirror frames are built in the traditional manner, which is to say with solid white oak and classic craftsman patinas to enhance the natural woodwork in your house. The finishes are typical traditional craftsman tones, but we are not against shipping unfinished frames in the event you wanted to apply your own finish for whatever reason. Typically we provide standard mirror glass, but for those with a yen for beveled glass that is an extra cost option that we are certainly willing to discuss with you.

One might reasonably suspect that breakage in transit would be a common thing when ordering mirrors. But surprisingly, through the years we have discovered this not to be a significant problem.