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Arts and Crafts pottery

Arts and Crafts pottery is one of the most prized possessions that the Craftsman aficionado can have. The Arts and Crafts pottery of yesterday is beautiful no doubt, but often it is not within easy reach of someone as far as their budget goes. The beautiful Arts and Crafts pottery that we carry is just as beautiful as the Arts and Crafts pottery of yesterday and will only grow more valuable with the coming years. One of the most common subject matters in Arts and Crafts pottery is the theme of nature. It can pertain to many different kinds of flora and fauna, perhaps a gingko leaf, or a daffodil. Maybe even an intricate poppy flower or a large open blossomed sunflower. Dragonflies, birds and even a spider or two have been spotted on some of our Arts and Crafts pottery pieces. Many of the pieces of pottery are adorned with wonders of nature that surround us all the time. Have you been checking out the antiques roadshow program lately? If so, you have certainly noticed the sky high prices that vases and other ceramics have been commanding. Trust me, you want to keep the dog and baby away these pieces. But if properly displayed you can create an ambience that you and everyone else will enjoy immensely.

When our master potters are busy at work, no one should interrupt them. The magic of a wonderful piece of pottery is a joy to behold and hopefully be treasured for a lifetime and handed down for generations to come. These pieces of pottery will be the ones that get talked about in the future. Modern art pottery certainly has it's place in today's society. After all, the pottery of yesteryear, was once modern art pottery, and now look at it! All of the different artisans have their own unique styles and will certainly be talked about in future generations. It used to be that people that were into the Arts and Crafts movement only prized the old, antique art pottery. This just isn't true anymore. The beautiful pottery of today is just as beautiful and has a style that is similar, yet all it's own. Many of the glazes on the pottery have painstakingly been recreated to give the impression of the finishes on the old style pottery such as Grueby or Rookwood. This way the traditions that made the old pottery so special can be carried on and perhaps even improved upon in some cases. The creativity and quality of today's modern potters are a tribute to the love that they have for the art. No two pieces, of course can ever be alike, as they are all individually hand made by a truly gifted artisan. Mass production is not the aim of the pieces that we have, they are true labors of love and it show in each of the pieces. Nothing goes to an aficionado that is not of the utmost quality. So rest assured that when you see a piece of our pottery on these pages, while it is not going to look exactly like the piece you see, it will come pretty darn close. And of course the glazes will run along the piece a bit different that what you see, but that is the what makes this kind of art work such a prized possession. The individual beauty of a unique piece to treasure for a long time to come.