arts and crafts pottery for craftsman bungalows

Arts and Crafts pottery

It's not enough to just focus on the house structure itself; when you acquire a high style craftsman bungalow, American foursquare, Tudor revival, Mediterranean revival, or some related style vintage home; it also pay generous dividends to populate the interior with high style furnishings that add to creating the appropriate look for the style and time period. One of the many decor categories that should be strongly considered is arts and crafts pottery, which was popular at the time the house was built but sadly has become a stylistic cue that has devolved into a category of decor that is largely forgotten or even worse has become populated with disturbingly bad artifacts that have the look of cheap imports or may even be made plastic, heaven forbid. Back in the day, vases could be fired at relatively low temperatures to give a certain look and often showcased scenes from nature utilizing design motifs such as cattails, gingko leaves, pinecones, dragonflies, bats, lilies, fuschias and other floral subjects, ferns, and many other motifs. Often pottery was plain and not ornamented, or had simple geometric designs. One look you did not see was the thin fine china look, gilding, and elaborate decorative schemes such as what you expect from king Louis the sixteenth. That would have been anathema to craftsman potter.

It is tempting to want to put flowers in one of these vases. That is fine as long as they are dried flowers as water should definitely not be used in them. It is still possible to showcase freshly cut flowers, but it will require finding some kind of waterproof liner to insert into the vase. Generally, these were displayed without flowers.

The magic of a wonderful piece of arts and crafts pottery is a joy to behold and hopefully be treasured for a lifetime and handed down for generations to come.