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A Craftsman picture frame can really accentuate the decor of one's home. We have a wonderful selection of wooden picture frames in a large variety of styles and sizes, so filling you special needs should be a breeze. Some of the woods that our mission picture frames are available in are quarter sawn white oak, natural mahogany, and cherry. Oak picture frames are the most popular, especially quartersawn white oak with a finish reminiscent of the original Stickley picture frame. Be sure and check into the styling of the mission picture frames. We have a tapered shape, mitred, mitre and bead, corner block, mortise and tenon, and butterfly to name a few of our mission picture frames. The sizes that we offer are sure to fill you special niche. Perhaps your space would be perfect with a size of about 8 inches by 10 inches. Or maybe you need a larger size frame for behind your living room sofa, say perhaps, 26 inches by 32 inches. You might even need a mission picture frame that is quite a bit larger than what you see here, please don't hesitate to give us a call because more that likely we will be able to make it any size that you wish. Possibly you have a very charming alcove where you need several picture frames in an attractive grouping, we can certainly help you out with our great selection of mission picture frames, in this instance, also. You know, it's funny how things like picture frames get handed down from one generation to the next. But how many things do you own that a future generation would be happy to receive? Probably not many. A high quality picture frame is a sure bet for starting a legacy for future generations. After all, it won't be worth close to absolute zero, unlike our our pathetic and devaluing US dollars.

The nostalgic mission picture frames collection has the exact look of picture frames that stepped out of grandma and grandpa's house, and comes in a large variety of stains on the frame with a brushed wood effect, including vintage cherry, vintage walnut and vintage rosewood finishes. They also come in several different shapes, including round, oval, cathedral, hexagonal, octagon, and oblong. These superb frames come with A bounty of good old fashioned character and are the perfect choice when trying to display the wedding picture of you great grandparents from long ago. You can even get them with the concave dome glass of yesteryear. Are we talking vintage looking or what? You can also procure these items separately, just in case you have an existing frame or piece of glass that you would like to make more usable. Tell us what you need. Just to let you know, these are a real goldmine of a find and a beautiful addition to any bungalow, mission or Craftsman home.

So the consensus is in - if you want a picture perfect home, you need to decorate and embellish your surroundings with one of these well constructed picture frames that look like they just passed through the H. G. Well's time machine. So many styles, and shapes to choose from, so many options when in comes to woods and finishes, that you won't have any problem finding one that will be just perfect for you. Except, you may have a hard time choosing which one to get. Oh well, you undoubtedly have more than one or two great pictures that need a really fantastic picture frame to put them in. So spend a few minutes, and have an enjoyable time mounting your little piece of history in a beautiful picture frame. There is nothing quite like handmade frames.