craftsman picture frame, craftsman style picture frame

Craftsman style picture frame

The most common material used for constructing a craftsman style picture frame is typically quartersawn white oak, although there are certainly other woods occasionally used such as natural cherry, mahogany (especially in Greene and Greene style cloud motif frames), as well as various accents such a ebony. Typically provided with an attractive finish, but unfinished also available.

Our craftsman style picture frame offerings are intended for use with relatively thin media such as a matte and glass combined, the bottom line is that they are unlikely to be satisfactory if attempting to frame an oil painting stretched canvas over a wooden frame, which would certainly be too thick and would be unattractive when viewed from the side.

Craftsman picture frame dimensions

The sizes we show are for the most common sizes of craftsman picture frame. If you measure a matte and it is eight by ten inches then you would order an eight by ten picture frame, which would then fit neatly into the rabbet on the back of the frame. So the overall dimensions of the material to frame are the important dimensions. Conveniently, you do not need to worry about whether the picture is landscape or portrait orientation, that is to say horizontal or vertical orientation. There are accommodations for both orientations.

If you do not see the sizes listed that you need for a rectangular craftsman picture frame don't panic as we can always accommodate oddball sizes so the picture will fit perfectly. In addition, there are often many possibilities to choose different dimensions for the rails and stiles, or the horizontal and vertical components of a craftsman style picture frame. In general, the larger the picture, the wide these pieces should be to maintain a pleasing and proper visual balance.