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Craftsman mailbox

A locking mailbox that is a craftsman style mailbox is difficult to locate indeed! If you are concerned with creating a certain visual appearance with an eye toward the stylistically historic, then consider some of our high style mailboxes.

Our hand made post wood vented mailboxes are an excellent choice if you have a sheltered location such as a covered porch area. Even so, you'll want to ask yourself how much ultraviolet exposure it would get in the area you plan to put it. We apply lots of UV inhibitors within the finish, but you may want to get some of our recommended paste wax that include UV preventative components.

Residential mailboxes made of a ferrous metal such as steel is likely to rust eventually and leave streaks down the side of your house. Instead, consider our metal mailboxes that use brass or copper as a base metal. Many finish such as antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and verdegris are possible to get with a brass mailbox. Hammered copper mail boxes typically have a dark hand applied patina that really looks good with a variety of different house styles.

Our rural mailbox selection includes US postal service approved boxes wrapped in hand embossed copper. The copper has been finished to keep the original appearance. These can be had with extra security features such as internal metal support structures and locking areas, or as plain boxes. All you need to do is pick up a four by four post locally for installation. A post mount mailbox makes a great first impression.

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