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Porcelain tile

Hexagonal tile, often referred to as hex tiles, are one thing that was certainly installed in numerous craftsman bungalow homes. Hexagonal tiles were used a lot in bathrooms and kitchen during the era. Often hexagonal tiles would be used on a bathroom floor, perhaps accentuated by white subway tile on the wall. You can easily achieve the same look today, as we carry a wide variety of hexagonal tiles and subway tiles too. Our beveled subway tiles also have a variety of bullnose tiles which makes it easy to come up with a bathroom wall tile scheme. When you think of hexagonal tiles, perhaps you might presume they are available in only one form. This just isn't so. Let's talk a moment about rectified hexagonal tiles. What are rectified hexagonal tiles anyway, just what does that mean? It just so happens that this is often the number one choice of many historic restoration professionals around. The fully rectified hexagon tiles are completely flat on the top portion. They have fully rectified edges and are at a 90 degree right angle with no pillowing as in the other hexagonal tiles. They are constructed of commercial grade unglazed porcelain. The beautiful machine made tiles are luxurious and have fully rectified flat tops. We also carry penny tiles, which often were used in the late 1800's. In the realm of hex tile, we have white hex and black hex.

Its a great day when you can enjoy the durability and charm of a vintage porcelain. Now is the time to get going on your home improvement projects as any kind of enhancement is sure to bring plenty of admiring stares. When installing tile in your home make certain that you have a professional do it or someone that is very much in the know about tile installation. Also, all of your tile should be ordered at the same time if possible, so you might want to order a bit extra just to make sure that you have plenty to finish your project. Sometimes the tile may have just a little bit different shade from batch to batch and if you are going for an exact match it might be a tiny bit different, of course, then again it might be just fine. Most people probably wouldn't even notice, but you just never know. A shadow, a bright light or a diffused shade can produce a slight color differential even when the tiles are made at the same time and are an exact match, so nothing looks exactly the same anyway at any given moment anyway. In actuality, tiles that are old, most likely have different bits of pigment in them from the wear and tear of the years of use and this gives them a look of a past era. All of this talk of shade and brightness and pigmentation shouldn't make you apprehensive, because we are more than glad to send you out a sample so you can see exactly what you are getting. In fact, we highly recommend it, because that way you know what you are getting and you will be able to achieve just the look that you want.