craftsman copper waste basket for bungalow or American foursquare

Copper waste basket

It is such a small and easily overlooked designer element, but a hand embossed craftsman copper waste basket can bring such an atmosphere of style to a mission study that it is an accouterment that should be strongly considered. Nicely finished both inside and out they possess a surprising heft, although not excessive and this heft give a good indication of quality. Rarely is the interior of a waste basket so nicely finishes with an attractive and easy to clean gloss black which contrasts favorably with hand worked actual copper and it's associated designs. a protective clear coat suggest years of trouble free use as well as consistency and durability of the original look.

Choose from traditional craftsman motifs such as pine, gingko, leaf, Mackintosh inspired pacific motif, or a number of styles of initials, something which would make a perfect gift.

It is certainly no secret that copper is one of the key metals favored in the original craftsman era. One almost wonders about the value trend of the metal. Once a relatively inexpensive metal, copper has become more desirable and scarce as the years have gone by. In fact, you may or may not be surprised to out that inside a common US penny the metal is most definitely not copper. In fact, it is 99.2 percent zinc. You'll have to go back to before nineteen eighty five to find actual copper pennies. That is the period before we started following the Roman tradition of debasing coinage, at least the pennies. Debasing the coinage in silver coins started around nineteen sixty four. All this is to say, that the copper waste basket you acquire today may gain some panache over time.