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A Craftsman style wall clock is a good way to add some quick instant authenticity to a bungalow. Although the era wasn't that long the artisans did produce many rather lovely timepieces. There were Mission clocks that were available as mantle clocks. There were also Mission clocks that were available as Grandfather floor clocks, and let us not forget the ever popular mission wall clock. Imagine how striking your living room would look if you had one of our wonderful mission clocks gracing the mantel. The Arroyo Seco is a fine example of one of our craftsman wall clocks.

The quality craftsmanship of our time pieces is unsurpassed. Remember when you used to go to grandma and grandpa's house when you were a little child? The furnishings of the home were made very well and designed to be around for a long time to come. It wasn't the disposable world that has cast a blight on today's home. A clock, or piece of furniture or an appliance was built to last and last. That is just the way that things were done. No questions asked, it just wasn't any other way. Well our clock collections are on the same level of quality. Constructed to be around for a long time to come. Some of the mantel clocks have a hand fumed finish, just like in days gone by. And the faces of some of these fine pieces lend the clocks to look like it just stepped out of an old Craftsman magazine from the early 1900's. A copper clock have a solid copper etched face that showcase a rich patina that is warm and inviting. When you and your friends and family observe that it is encased in beautiful quartersawn oak mantel clock case, jaws will be dropping. The beautiful oak plugs are just an added delight! A handmade wall clock is special thing.

Often customers inquire about whether we offer clocks with wind up mechanical mechanisms. We once offered them. In fact, we custom made the cases. However, mechanical movements are a little touchy and for some reason it annoyed people to have them run a little fast or run a little slow. I'm not sure why that would bother anyone. The appearance and the mechanical sounds are where the value is, in my view. If I want to know the accurate time I'll look in the bottom right corner of my computer screen. That is probably why I have been moving away from music CDs and back to vinyl records. Join me!

Whether decorating a Craftsman Bungalow, Mission Hacienda, American Four Square or other old charming home, a mission clock can be the focal point of any room. Along with the attractive fireplace and mantle, a striking, no pun intended, mantle clock is just the thing to bring all eyes upon the room. Imagine the clock in all it's glory along side a piece of beautiful vintage pottery. Now that is a sight to behold. The timeless classic beauty of a mission clock is sure to become a treasured heirloom for your family to enjoy for years to come. The nostalgia that a clock can bring to a room is unsurpassed. Along side a classic piece of artwork, imagine a Maxfield Parrish print, an arts and crafts clock or mission clock is sure to set the tone for an entire room. So be sure and peruse through our rather large collection of craftsman clocks and see if you can pick one or more of our clocks that accentuates all your other home furnishings or is a real stand out all by itself, in its entire glory. Whatever the case, no pun intended, a mantle clock, especially one of these fine pieces, is a treasure to behold and will give joy for years to come.