craftsman mail slot

Craftsman mail slot

Not everyone's residence necessitates a mail slot, especially a craftsman mail slot. But if you are one of those lucky personages that has a slot in the door or off to the side that simply must be dealt with then you will certainly want to avoid your typical polished brass mail slot, which may look acceptable on a colonial house but is wildly out of place on a craftsman bungalow, foursquare, prairie, or English revival style house.

Mission style mail slot

A mission style mail slot or a craftsman mail slot for that matter should be of serious enough heft that the door flap will easily remaining closed and seal out the vicissitudes of life including energy sapping drafts, unwanted insects, mutant pythons and etc. Mercifully, our cast bronze and hammered copper look mail slots are abundantly hefty indeed and perform their function admirably. Please note that the letters style mail slot is provided with both the inside and outside flaps, but with the other styles the interior and exterior flaps are sold separately.

One other aspect of mail slots that is worth mentioning is that of security. In this day and age it is somewhat important to guarantee the security of your private mail. Once the mail goes through the mail slot and drops on the ground you can be reasonably secure in thinking that no bad actors will be able to purloin your scarlet letters. With an external mailbox this is not so certain, although we do offer craftsman style mailboxes with locking options for those who are so inclined to need such a thing.