Old fashioned street lights for vintage homes

Old fashioned street lights

Comes with socket for use with standard LED, CFL, or incandescent bulb. Acorn globe is 23" tall. Stainless steel fasteners included. Commercial grade.

11'9" overall height including acorn globe: $880.95
with optional globe spire: $991.95

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Old fashioned street lights installation

Let's discuss basic concept behind installing old fashioned street lights. Naturally, electrical wiring needs to be run to the location and this is an activity that should almost certainly be implemented by a professional licensed electrical contractor. Local codes and regulations from location to location but obviously this is something that will need to be checked and verified.

Additionally, old fashioned street lights need to rest on a secure platform and obviously this platform needs to be reasonably level, although minor adjustments can be made to tweak the angle to obtain a completely vertical look. The platform, or pad, is cast on site with a small quantity of concrete. Lamp posts are secured to the concrete pad using high quality stainless steel bolts which are embedded in the concrete at the time it is poured. The base of the lamp post is secured to the bolts with supplied nuts.