craftsman curtain rods


Craftsman curtain hardware

If you own a craftsman bungalow it seems ridiculous to install curtain rods that are not in the arts and crafts style. Our mission rods, finials, tiebacks, and rings look very appropriate. We offer both metal curtain rods and also handmade wood rods.

Configuring curtain rods, at least in a high quality installation, can be confusing. Metal rod diameter plays a role, as does the length of the rod and also the weight of the curtain material. Longer spans with heavy material may require a support bracket in the middle.

Before calling in for advice about craftsman curtain rods it is good to make some measurements. Take special note of how much space you have on the left and the right before hitting an obstruction such as a wall. You are going to want to have some space for the curtain material to gather into, if possible. Sometimes a window goes right into a corner. Obviously, that is not ideal but usually something can be worked out. We have special brackets for that situation.

arts and crafts curtain hardware