American Beauty arts and crafts pillow

American Beauty pillow

The American beauty pillow is an adaptation of a rose design originated by the H.E. Verran company around the year 1910. At once both striking and evocative, this pillow will immediately enhance the character of any room in which it is placed. Completed kits come with a plump liner of 95% feather and 5% down. Liners for kits are available at slight additional cost, or you can stuff them with a material of your choice. You'll like the feeling you get with 100% natural raw linen!

kit: $49.95
liner for kit: $21.95
completed pillow with stenciling & outline embroidery $169.95

s&h: $9.95
size: 20" x 20"
options: flowers in red, blue, or gold return to home page

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