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Mission rugs are one of the finest assets that you could put in your craftsman bungalow. We have so many craftsman style rugs and rustic rugs to choose from that you may have a hard time trying to decide which one of the mission style rugs that you want to have. Personally, you may decide that you need more than one of our craftsman style rugs. The living room is often the first thought of choice to put one our mission style rugs, but they are equally at home in the family room and definitely under your dining room table. We have some of the most beautiful and well made mission style rugs that you are likely to come across. Many of our mission style rugs are carefully hand made of 100% Tibetan Himalayan wools, and 100% New Zealand wools and are hand dyed, hand carded, hand tufted and hand spun. That's a lot of handy work! Be sure and really look through the collections of the mission style rugs that we carry, some of them even have silk accents, how is that for sophisticated.

The richness of the colors and the designs in the carpets are truly works of art and can really make a room. Picking up a shade in a tile on your fireplace, or perhaps the paint shade adorning one of your walls, or perhaps the wood grain in one of your built-ins can really help to pull a room and decorating look together. A less prominent color in a rug can really pop out if it is accentuated by one of the decorating colors in your room. We really offer and extraordinary color palette from which to choose. Some of the rugs that we carry come with the option of having a smooth edge or they can be obtained with a fringe end if you so choose, so please ask.

There are many standard size rugs that we carry including 8 x 10 area rugs, 6x9 area rugs, 5x7 rugs, 9x12 rugs, and 3x5 rugs.

We have a large variety of different designs of arts and crafts style rugs in our various collections. Perhaps you are a flower lover and are really into designs that are of a floral design in nature. Or maybe just the great out of doors in general is your mode of home decor. We have several lovely collections from which to choose a rug design from. And in the earthy color palettes that they come in, are truly warm and wonderful.