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Arts and crafts tiles in the craftsman style are one of the most graceful ways to to give a real flair to your craftsman home. Display one or several art tiles in a mission frame or install some of our artistic tile in a wall. Imagine an inglenook with a beautiful rich wood surround accented by a scene from perhaps our Old California tile collection. The Pergola View collection has a nice array of trees that can give a breath of fresh air to the interior of your home. Installing these craftsman style tiles in perhaps a large or small alcove or maybe even on the exterior of your home can be the real focal point for a certain area. You may have an area that is very attractive, but just doesn't show up exceedingly well. By adding one of these arts and crafts craftsman tiles it can really draw the eye to a certain area such as a backsplash. Some of the shades of colors in our arts and crafts craftsman tiles are muted and subtle shades of earth tones. The Rookwood reproduction style tiles are similar in nature to the old original tiles and the colors look very attractive with the interior of an older vintage home. Many of our arts and crafts craftsman tiles look like they could have been made a hundred years ago. A tile can be a place of interest on a desk or on an end table. How about a beautiful tile sitting on a shelf in a built in bookcase or may even near a grand piano? All of our tiles add a depth of interest to your surroundings and make it more appealing. If you never had an appreciation for arts and crafts craftsman tiles, once you take a look around you will become a new found aficionado of the alluring nature of tiles.

If you have a good sense of humor don't miss looking at our Whimsical high relief tiles. They are as cute as they come and are a real conversation starter when you have guests over. The bathtub baby, monkey musician, and rubber duckie are real unique cuties. A lot more on the serious side, but beautiful nonetheless, are tiles with wonderful images and feeling of nature. Dragonflies, hummingbirds, rabbits and ravens, these great tiles are indeed inspired by the wonders of nature. Their matted glazes fit in well with so many styles of arts and crafts decor.

If you haven't considered it before, tiles are useful for more than just building into a backsplash, surrounding a fireplace, or using in a tub or shower enclosure. They are really tasteful art pieces that can be displayed on their own merits. They look stunning hanging on a wall or displayed on a tile easel.

Some of these arts and crafts craftsman tiles are so substantial that they could really displayed in a place of honor in your home. By substantial, we are not just talking well made, but also large. Also some of them are quite thick, as much as a half inch or even 5/8 inch. Keep this in mind when you are deciding if you are going to place the in a frame or actually mount them in a wall. If you have some tiles that are thin in silhouette and place a thick tile next to it, it will look funny sticking way out. So please keep that in mind with your selections. And remember that the thickness is approximate anyway, depending on the artisans demeanor that day. But that is part of the charm factor with a handmade tile.