tree single toggler etched copper light switch plate

Tree motif

You can definitely see the forest through the trees with these hand etched copper switch plates - the ultimate addition to your bungalow! Available only in the configurations shown below.

$48.95 for single toggle, decora, or duplex outlet
$58.95 for double toggle
$78.95 for triple toggle, double duplex outlet, or double decora
$98.95 for triple decora
$124.95 for quad toggle or quad decora

s&h: 6%, but at least $6.95
matching non-ornamented switchplates available

closeup 1
tree motif double toggle etched copper craftsman style light switch plate
closeup 2
tree motif single duplex outlet
copper electrical outlet plate
tree motif single decora light switch plate
single pushbutton tree motif etched copper light switch plate
double pushbutton copper switch plate
triple pushbutton switch plate