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Craftsman rugs

The innumerable benefits of craftsman rugs are well known to most people. The historicity is without parallel and a great improvement over modern wall to wall carpeting which not only covers what are usually oak hardwood floors but also has a modern look that may be fine in a contemporary condo, but is totally inappropriate in a vintage craftsman, American foursquare, Mediterranean revival, English revival, prairie or other related styles that would be well served with mission style area rugs. Hardware floors by themselves are attractive, but unless they are covered with something the overall effect can be a little cold and maybe even physically cold if you reside in snow country. Furthermore, to achieve a comfortable acoustic balance it feels more natural to temper the reflective sounds in a room with some sound absorbing material, which doesn't have to be craftsman rugs, but certainly could be. The cushy feel of a rug underfoot also adds a lot to the ambiance and comfort and may even be a little easier on the joints. Plus, the addition of some of the great classic craftsman designs can certainly only help to achieve that highly desired arts and crafts look.

Care of mission style area rugs

Mercifully, most mission style area rugs require very little in the way of upkeep past regularly vacuuming to remove abrasive particles that might make their to the interior of the rug. Using a good quality rug pad will pay big dividends in terms of comfort and luxurious feel, but also acts as a wonderful shock absorber to reduce wear on the rug. It seems like a minimal price to pay to greatly extend life of your craftsman rugs. A very important item to have on hand is twelve ounce cans of club soda, whose fizzing action when shaken performs an admirable job of lifting out stains when used immediately and soaked up with a spare towel.