Magnetic ceiling fan covers

Typical plastic bathroom ceiling fan covers leave a lot to be desired. Not only do they have a declasse appearance, but they are often devilishly difficult to remove or reattach due to very poorly designed spring clips. It's not so easy to do when you are standing on a stepstool or ladder.

Unfortunately, it is often necessary to take off fan covers since by their very nature they quickly get dusty. Fan blades get layers of lint on them and that must be removed often to avoid failure or fire hazard.

That is where a magnetically attached wood fan cover works it's magic. It is easily installed or removed with a minimum of frustration. Furthermore, there are 26 different faceplate designs to choose from.

Typically these are painted the color of the surrounding wall or ceiling, and it is a good idea to paint both sides if this a room that will be removing a lot of humid air.

These arrive in two parts, the faceplate and the frame. The frame is simply attached to the ceiling with the supplied screws. Then just allow the magnets to snap the faceplate into place. It couldn't be easier!


Magnetic ceiling fan covers

opening size pricing
8 by 8 $99.95
10 by 10 $124.95
11 by 11 $151.95
12 by 12 $179.95
14 by 14 $244.95
16 by 16 $319.95
9.5 by 11.5 $149.95

s&h: $24.95

other sizes available at $1.25 per square inch,

rounded up to nearest inch, $99.95 minimum

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