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Craftsman style mailbox configurations

It's easy to get overly enthusiastic about a craftsman style mailbox and completely forget to make certain that the configuration you choose is appropriate to space in which you plan to put it. Many homeowners have restricted areas in which to install a craftsman style mailbox. For that reason it is a good idea to cut out a piece of paper to the overall dimensions of the mailbox and tape it to the wall surface and then stand back and take a look. This mailbox silhouette should include the width of the lid, which is typically wider than the box part that holds the letters.

Many of our craftsman style mailbox choices include your house number cut out of the front and then behind the number you have a selection of art glass options to which you'll want to give careful consideration and include gold iridescent, champagne, honey autum green, frosted seedy, cloudlike wispy white, and two types of mica for the hardcore craftsman enthusiast.

Mission style mailbox

Often used interchangeably, a mission style mailbox is likely to have more simplistic and some would even classic design rather than exhibiting elaborate filigrees with nature scenes and the like. Among the more popular designs in this category would be the Time Honored series and Laurel Canyon collection, although there are others. Appropriate finish choices would include rusticated patinas such as old penny, which will weather to an appropriate patina, new verde, warm brass, and architectural bronze. The advice about paying attention to the overall dimensions is also applicable for any mission style mailbox.