Turn of the Century thermostat cover

Turn lemons into lemonade with a beautiful way to conceal your utilitarian heat controls or switches. Constructed of 1/8" steel with a tough powder coat finish in a variety of color options, the box comes with an attractive hammered steel knob and a concealed hinge door. Choose horizontal or vertical box. Additional options include beveled edges.

Any of the turn of the century designs may be used for the door. It is shown here in Mediterranean Ivy.

The overall outside measurements of the standard size box are 10.75" wide by 7.75" tall. This unit fits 99% of standard size thermostats, however, it is always best to check with your contractor. Non-standard sizes are available also, which can be used for security panels, lighting controls, intercoms, etc.

$161.95 . . . standard 8 by 5.5 inch can box
$215.95 . . . any custom size up to 100 square inches
s&h $12.95

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