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Craftsman Fireplace tools

Craftsman fireplace tools are the perfect accessory to get yourself in the mood for some cool weather relaxation. Cozy and comfy is the setting when these attractive craftsman fireplace tools are sitting near your crackling warm fire. Our craftsman fireplace tools are painstaking crafted by a real blacksmith in the backwoods of Washington state. His shop makes you feel like you have just stepped back a thousand, well maybe more like a hundred years back in time. Sparks are flying, the hammer is pounding and the air is cracking with the sound of quality craftsman fireplace tools in the making. Most of the fireplace tools are very heavy duty, with the exception of the Craftsman style tools. Their emphasis more on decorative styling and they are better for lightweight use. The more substantial tools are the Traditional Fireplace tools and the Leaf motif. Another nice feature involving some of our fireplace tools, is the option of having them mounted on the wall, or having them sit on the floor near the fireplace, most presumably. It is totally up to you, as to which is more attractive with your surroundings, and also which is more convenient in your own personal residence.

Imagine the attention you can bring to your fireplace and the surrounding area, by having a set of these quality tools nearby. A Craftsman bungalow, Mission Revival, American foursquare, Prairie style, and a myriad of other styles of homes would benefit from the attractive fireplace tools sitting close at hand. We also have a wonderful artisan that make our fireplace screens, which are of the finest quality also and don't forget to notice the hand hammer marks.. They are hand forged also, which makes them a perfect complement to the hand forged fireplace tools. Another nice accompaniment to the fireplace screen is the Hearth Center, also made by Ben. It is made with true mortise and tenon joinery, just like the finest of wood mission furniture. This is an extremely high quality piece that is held together without obtrusive welds. The only thing that you really need to do is decide which of the tools that you would like to hang from it.

During times of uncertainty and civil unrest it is a good feeling to have a massive pointed hunk of solid steel in case intruders attempt to break in to your humble abode and steal your food and rob you blind. Is this an unrealistic scenario? It depends upon the future direction of our federal government. Unfortunately, the irresponsible way the the government has been spending money and the federal reserve has been printing it we are almost certain to experience a massive bout of inflation that will cause widespread pain and anguish among America's citizens. Food shortages will be likely, so it would not be surprising to find roving bands of marauders breaking into houses to steal food. That is where our fireplace tools may come in handy as part of your overall defense plan for societal breakdown.

The most important this that we can emphasize is that our fireplace tools are the real things. These are not the fireplace tools that you see sitting in the back of the big box home improvement store, that looks like they might blow over if a strong wind happened to come up. These well-crafted fire place tools are an investment that is meant to last pert near a lifetime. We looked long and hard to find our first rate craftsman to construct these cold weather beauties to grace the interior of your home. Enjoy using them in the winter and enjoy their beauty surrounding you fireplace in the warmer months and hopefully you will enjoy them for years and years to come.