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Arts and Crafts border designs

Arts and crafts border designs and other related craftsman stencil design often have either a highly stylized appearance and subject based loosely upon designs borrowed from nature or alternately straightforward geometric designs that are appealing in their simplicity and directness. Common nature motifs for arts and crafts border designs include the ever popular wisteria motif and gingko leaf motif as well as lily, willow, oak leaves, acorns, dahlias, grapevines, ivy, datura, but most especially pinecone designs. Geometric designs are typically rather linear and feature intersecting rectangular motifs, squares, diamonds, and to a lesser extent various curvatures.

craftsman stencil considerations

If you have not had the opportunity to stencil previously there is no reason why you would be unable to start now. However, it is an exceedingly good idea to do some practicing on an expendable material rather than immediately launching into colorizing the wall, no matter how motivated you are. Considering picking up some cardboard that is ready to be thrown out. Your local grocery store is likely to have plenty to supply you with. Or maybe the unwaxed side of some butcher paper would be good practice material. Your first stenciling attempt should probably be a relatively simple design. Some designs have many overlays that must be coordinated and kept in symmetry and those would not be the best choice for a first project. With some paints and brushes from a local crafts store you'll soon be in business and will find that it may be much easier than you thought.