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Craftsman style porch light

Architectural truthfulness to original styling of the residence when considering porch lights is a remarkably superlative idea. Colonial lanterns on craftsman houses is unconditionally inappropriate, and vice versa. Considerably less appropriate is the recent tendency of installing modern industrial looking fixtures better recycled in a penitentiary.

A craftsman style porch light that's wall mounted is often an excellent choice, often located above the address numbers, helping illuminate the numbers for easy visibility at night which may be more difficult with a craftsman hanging porch light.. Tthese are usually rated for damp locations since they are typically in protected areas like a covered porch. However, it is possible that they may be in a location that gets direct rain, in which case you'll want to make certain that they are made for wet locations. Many of our lights that are rated for damp can be easily converted to wet rating.

A wall mounted craftsman style porch light comes in two general varieties, flush mount where the body of the light is flush against the wall surface, and one in which the body of the light hangs from an arm. Choosing is simply a matter of personal preferences, although the flush mount should be strongly considered if you are likely to bump into the fixture often because the craftsman porch light is in a foot traffic area.

If eventually incorporating column mount lighting consider attempting to consolidate similar styles for both porch and column lights to project an aura of universality.

Craftsman hanging porch light

A craftsman hanging porch light is almost always rated for damp location and comes with a canopy that attached to the porch ceiling. To configure a craftsman hanging porch light correctly you'll want to figure out where the bottom of the light body should be located. It shouldn't be so low that you bump your head on it, and if too high light it won't be very visible and light output will be diminished. The distance from the bottom of the light all the way up to the ceiling is called "the drop". You'll want to make sure that there is enough chain included with the craftsman style porch light so that you get the drop you want. We can provide extra chain, provided we know your needs in advance. Usually there is plenty of chain included and then it becomes a matter of taking some links out in order to have the correct drop.