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Craftsman hardware

What better way to dress up classic craftsman bungalow, American Foursquare, Tudor Revival, mediterranean revival, or prairie style house than to install some authentically flavored craftsman hardware in the kitchen, bathroom, butler's pantry, or any other choice location? Installing mission style hardware has certainly got to be one of the easiest to implement but most effective interior facelifts that can possibly be effected. The bang for the buck is unprecedented and can make a massive difference on the overall feel of the inside of the structure, or even the outside for that matter.

Initially you may want to consider kitchen cabinet hardware in which case it is a good idea to take a look at the existing handles and try measuring the distance in between the holes going through the drawer fronts. Typically these are somewhere in the neighborhood of three or four inches or so. In evaluating knobs found in the kitchen try to get an idea of the size. Usually knobs are about one and one quarter inches across. Other common sizes for craftsman hardware knobs are three quarter inch in diameter and also one and a half inches. These might be too large or too small. It may be a good idea to cut out pieces of paper in these sizes and tape them to the cabinet front to get an visual idea of which size might appear the most appropriate in your particular situation.

Mission style hardware

Most mission style hardware contained relatively simple lines and was not heavily ornamented, excepted to say that it was not uncommon to see hammered metal textures, or even imitation hammered metal textures. Simple bars, either single or double and parallel were not unusual and knobs were often square or rounded edge square with a relatively gentle beveled or pyramid shape look. On the other hand, mission style hardware with various nature motifs such as acorns could also be seen and were probably more likely in upscale homes.