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A real antique rotary phone is a sure fire way to get you going on giving your old home a true vintage feel. If you want an old telephone that dates back from around 1913, we have it. Or how about a newer retro phone, from say the 1930's - we have that also, the Classic Western Electric 202. Don't miss the original dial candlestick antique phones from the 1920's. The cloth covered cord and internal electronic bell to notify users of incoming calls is exceptional. Our reproduction Western Electric candlestick vintage phone is a very accurate replica of the real thing, so don't forget to give it a gander. It's an unusual experience to use a candlestick telephone. When you get an old fashioned telephone from us, you can be sure that we have looked high and low for the best rotary dial phone we can get our ears on! Then the vintage telephone is meticulously gone through and fully restored if need be. For convenience and use in today's modern world, they are updated for use on our present phone lines.

Don't overlook our nice selection of wall phones. The Ericsson wall phone looks like it could have just stepped out of an old magazine advertisement, with it's sleek appearance. This is one of the best retro telephones. The Northern Electric 317 wood vintage wall phone dates bake from around the 1913's. It has a new transmitter and modern network to facilitate a connection with modern phone lines, but you would never know it by just looking at it. The internal wiring has been updated so that the original bells will ring when you have an incoming call. The hand cranked magneto is oh so charming. This phone is so authentic it doesn't contain a dial to make outgoing calls, therefore is is useful primarily as an extension for another phone. We do have a modern tone dialers available, however as an added option. As time went these wooden telephones were replaced by the bakelite phone, which are real charmers in themselves. In fact, if you pay attention while you are watching movies with a period setting you'll notice many of these phone on prominent display. We have supplied some of them! Truth be told, I'm considering reverting my home phone back to rotary dial if for no other reason than just to recreate some vintage ambiance with an old school telephone.

Can you imagine sometime in the future that people will be taking about antique cell phones? Kind of hard to imagine, but it's true. Once in a while you see an old cell phone in a movie and it looks so bizarre. For instance in the movie Wall Street. Michael Douglas is walking around frequently using one of the old cell phones that looks kind of like a large brick of cheese - only bigger. Who would have thought something that big and ugly could be considered a collectible. They looked like of like a calculator, only thicker and larger. Or maybe even a walkie-talkie. Imagine hauling one of those around in your purse or front pocket these days. Well, we don't sell antique cell phones, but you just never know what will be collectible someday. So if you really want to ring someone's chimes, or if you truly want to pull out all the bells and whistles, you might consider obtaining a classic phone for your abode. They are the real thing!