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Craftsman homes have been enjoying a resurgence in popularity due in large part to their tasteful design precepts. The simple and meaningful lines are a welcome relief compared to a style such as French rococo. However, locating restoration and decor products and ideas can be challenging, to say the least. We like to think that we have assembled the finest collection of items in this style available anywhere. We have been providing these unique pieces since way back in the days before most people had even heard of the craftsman style. Of course, now the arts and crafts movement is much more prominent and we rarely encounter a neophyte who has been completely unaware of the style, but that wasn't always the case.

As you may know, copper was a popular metal in the craftsman era. You will find that many of our products feature the extensive use of copper. Items like light switch plates and outlet plates, candle holders, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, platters, bowls, plates, vases, house numbers and address numbers, heat registers and floor registers as well as cold air returns and return air grilles, in addition to hand hammered copper mailboxes as well as various hardware pieces such as drawer pulls, knobs, as well as mail slots. There is a lot to look at and it just might be time to update!

It is very common to find in craftsman bungalow homes that feature forced air heat, large cold air return vents that we commonly refer to as "eggcrate style". Return air filter grilles such as these are made of intersecting solid oak slats, forming a grid of rectangular openings. Typically, these slats have been through the years and are often in a state of very bad repair. One of our specialties is custom making these eggcrate style registers to fit your particular application. The resulting cold air grille is very good quality and really looks much better than the somewhat depressing flimsy gray stamped steel return air filter grille that you find at your local big box hardware store. Plus, it is historically authentic. For custom work you'll find the price to be a very good value. Many people like louvered floor registers in antique brass or simply polished solid brass air registers. Architectural floor registers and residential air grilles made of solid woods can really add a lot to a room. You'll want to see the selection we offer. It is simply without parallel. As you can see, there are many ways to dress up your house with "jewelry for the floor"! Often, when decorating a bathroom or kitchen a silver type metal looks more appropriate for a heat register. In that event you might want to consider brushed nickel floor vents. We also have decorative floor registers with face plates that are completely solid brass. Obviously, rust is never a problem with these at all since brass is not a rusting metal. This just touches a tiny tip of the iceberg of product offerings. One style of vent cover that is very appropriate for this style of architecture is the grid pattern made up of many small squares. We have now developed a number of variations of this classic design in both metal and wood. The understated tastefulness adds a lot to a room. You should really set aside some time to browse around!