craftsman light switch plates for bungalow decoration & restoration
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Craftsman light switch plates heaven! Check them'll find the perfect 
complement for your arts and crafts light fixtures!

Craftsman light switch plates in etched copper rose, Art Nouveau or tree motifs 
Gingko, Frank, & Classico etched plates
solid cast bronze craftsman light switch plates

Northwest Collection 
Pacific, Field, Greene & Greene, Hammered styles 1 & 2, and Dana Point
Port Orford wooden switchplates

Syracuse style

view pictures and names of some of the light switch plate configurations

victorian bin pull

Well chosen Craftsman light switch plates can be the perfect complement for a craftsman bungalow. We offer a lot of switchplates to choose from and hopefully you'll have some time to browse through our selection. Many styles are available in virtually any configuration, but there are a few that can only be had in a few styles. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions. 

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Craftsman light switch plates

These are the perfect complement to bungalow style lights. When you add one or more of these, you can rest assured that you are really adding to the decor of your bungalow. If you are inclined to have a love for the great out of doors, then you must be certain to check into our etched copper rose and tree motif of ones. We have several various designs, ranging from a feminine looking rose to a open-air tree and art nouveau foliage type of plate. The Coppersmith collection is another work of art in these collections. They are have a first class quality that is accommodating in many different type of home decor and styling. They look great in a Arts and Crafts bungalow, California Mission, Victorian, American Four Square and so many other style of home. Their understated beauty makes them an all around winner! Another style that is very versatile are the Port Orford wooden style. They come in a variety of beautiful woods that are unfinished, so you can polish them off as you see fit to go with your decor. A light stain, or dark, paint or a clear oil to let the beauty of the wood show through - these have a lot of options.  This really gives you a lot of variety when it comes to your decorating ideas. Plus, they are very economical. 

Make sure that you look into the many different configurations also. They come in all different kinds of arrangements and designs and many are available in either a rocker or a push button, so be sure and ask. If you are going for authenticity, please look at the hand hammered copper plates. The Field style, Pacific style, Greene and Greene and Dana Point styles plates are of exceptional quality with extreme good looks. The Northwest Collection of light switch plates is another extremely good looking collection of covers. The variety of top quality metals in truly astounding and the beauty of these metals is  beyond compare. Along with the gorgeous coppers, brasses, and nickels, in a variety of antique, shiny, and muted finishes, their is even a 24 karat gold plate. Talk about classy and classic at the same time. One thing is for certain - you really don't see that kind of thing every day.

I don't want to sound too snobbish, but most of our plates are individually artisan made. You don't have to be an expert to tell the difference between the good stuff and the quick and dirty output of some no-name factory in a far off land. Yes, the prices are not inexpensive. However, once the pain fades you will have day after day pleasure for years every time you saunter into the room that features these. I am tempted to reveal which designs are my personal favorite, but I realize that everyone has different tastes and would like the freedom to choose something of their own liking. Suffice to say, it is hard to go wrong with any of these well made and well designed pieces.