address numbers, craftsman style for arts and crafts bungalows
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It's time to address the address numbers,  
that you've been thinking about replacing. Now, if you want to jazz up the place a 
tad, without spending a lot of time and effort... and
currency, think address numbers!
Note: there are lots of additional styles of house numbers at our sister site The House Number Connection

Grove style house numbers
Authentic Dard Hunter style
Glasgow style house numbers
Grendl bronze or copper house numbers
Easy street
Pasadena style
hand-hammered arts and crafts style
cast bronze Carriage House numbers
Rustic bark numbers in solid bronze

early american colonial homes

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Address numbers for your bungalow

Address numbers are one of the first things that someone looks at when they come to your home. Address numbers may actually be the first thing as a matter of fact, especially if they don't know where you live. We have so many different kinds of address numbers that you may just want to put a pair on your house and another pair of address numbers at the street. Some houses have a very long drive, and it may be a bit difficult to see the numbers from the street because of the distance or perhaps their is a fair amount of foliage around the property and the address numbers are hidden on the home. This is when a double set of address numbers is very beneficial. You can mount them on a column, a column post mount light, a fence or gate.  Perhaps you  might even have a big boulder or other attractive natural occurrence near the street on which they could be attached to as a point of interest. Another nice option if you want added visibility from the street is to think about getting the illuminated address numbers. These are a great option to have when people are coming to your home in the evening.  

 Now once you have figured out where you want to put your address numbers, you just need to decided which style you like and which kind of material that you would like them to be constructed out of.  Copper is always a nice touch and can give a warm homey feel to just about any residence. Some copper that we offer is natural raw copper and it ages to a dark patina (just like when a new copper penny looks kind of pink when it is first put into circulation, and later reaches a nice dark color as time goes by) which can be seen from the street quite well when the home is of a lighter nature in color. Some of copper is hand hammered for a wonderful vintage look.  The solid bronze, brass and aluminum numbers can be used to complement your existing exterior decor, such as light fixtures, mailboxes, door knockers, hardware and much more. These materials can give a study rustic feel, or a cool, clean, more modern look that will look stunning with a reproduction, new - old house. You mustn't forget our terra cotta tile house numbers - there are really stunning and are sure to be a real conversation starter with the neighborhood. Don't forget to check into our house plaques also, they are a very popular way of declaring your residential location. 

If you have an interest in seeing a wide variety of additional styles (not just craftsman) you should really check out the house number at  Styles range from retro to Victorian to Colonial, rustic, whimsical, classical, and other special interest designs. Many, but not all of the styles are able to be had in lettering as well as numbering on a special order basis.

Figure on spending more that a few minutes deciding on which style that you would like to grace on the front of your home. We have quite a few different designs that would look more than appropriate with a craftsman bungalow home, American four square,  mission revival and other vintage style homes of the period. Enjoy yourself, then give us a call and we would be happy to get you started on your road to home improvement.