vintage lamp posts
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Does this look like early California or what?...Don't confuse these with those cheap plastic lamp posts that you happen across at your local home "improvement" center. Our posts are formed from quality cast and extruded aluminum which has the advantages of strength and lack of rust problems. Standing an impressive 8 feet 10 inches tall, you certainly get what you pay for with these black beauties! Each pole comes standard with a polyethylene globe that is highly vandal resistant, and in fact can be bounced like a basketball! Easy to understand installation instructions are included and can be faxed to you in advance, but it is probably a good idea to use a contractor unless you are very confident...especially with the wiring. And remember...technical support is included at no extra charge, although we almost never get a question.! Check out the close-up at the right!


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options: additional 12" of height add only $29.95

takes up to a 150 watt incandescent bulb

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