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For whom the doorbell tolls!
Who would have ever imagined that a doorbell could be a prized possession in your assembly of belongings.
The high and mighty doorbell has proven to become just that! A coveted item with established mechanical components, top quality woods, and refined extras such as square genuine ebony plugs and 
solid quartersawn oak, these doorbells are by far the most superior available anywhere!

Mission Hills doorbells

Studio City, Mulholland Drive, Norfolk, & Cypress Point

Garden Grove arts and crafts style doorbells

Hand hammered copper craftsman doorbells

Sycamore Canyon

Also, www.CraftsmanDoorbells.com is a good source for Colonial or Victorian doorbells, if that is of interest.

video: installing a decorative doorbell

Questions about how to install? 
It's easy, but if you are stumped then click here to download
a pdf file of instructions with photos (large file: 728k)

rustic doorbell

Visit The Colonial Homes Connection site to see colonial doorbells.

Mission Doorbells, arts and crafts

Mission doorbells are ringing. Oh the mission doorbells are ringing. Wasn't their a song called that? Oh no, wasn't that the mission bells are ringing. Wait just a darn minute, it's All the Chapel bells were ringing. Whatever. Come back to reality and back to the fact of the matter at hand. We have a wonderful selection of Arts and Crafts and Mission doorbells to beautify your homes interior. It wasn't long ago when the only kind of doorbell that you could have in your home was from a local hardware store and it looked rather blah at that. Now, fast forward and we come along with such a bevy of different mission doorbells to choose from that you might have a little bit of a difficult time trying to make up your mind on which one to choose. Beautiful, top quality woods, reliable mechanical components and lovely extras such a the genuine ebony plugs make for and outstanding product. We are proud to say that we were the first company to introduce craftsman doorbells. Imitators have come and gone, but our designs continue to beautify America.

When you are searching for items to give your home a rustic, or period ambiance, the doorbell is often overlooked. It is actually an item that receives quite a bit of attention, by not only being visually appealing, but the sense of sound gives an aura of another time and place also. Take the Old Town doorbell for instance. The hand hammered copper is exceptional in design and the detailing looks as if it just stepped out of a fairy tale book. It is a show stopper! The attractive clean lines of the Alameda Blvd doorbell and the skillfully tailored quartersawn oak of the Upper Terrace doorbell truly lend the pieces to be equal to a piece of fine looking furniture. They are classic looking in design and look timeless with so many  home interiors. You will love the way that one of these doorbells looks in your home.

Perhaps you have a home that is from around the Art Deco period. You most certainly would want to look at the Radio Daze dual mechanical chime doorbell that we have to offer. It is finely crafted and evokes memories from the golden age of radio. It features curved veneers similar to the consoles of yesteryear and the depression modern styling is just a thing of great beauty. The woods include solid mahogany, fiddle back mahogany, rosewood and bird's eye maple. And get this, even the grille cloth that is used is a reproduction of an authentic Philco original design. Whatever the case, we have some wonderful designs in doorbells that you must not overlook. So spend a few minutes and look around and see what you can find to go with your home decor. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that a doorbell can be a welcome visitor to your home that you most certainly want  to stay around your home for a long time to come.